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Facebook for Business is it Dying?

Facebook for Business had a major change at the start of 2018 that has many Businesses hearing death rattles and funeral dirges. What was this big Facebook change? What does it mean for your Business and Brand? Does it really mean the Death of Facebook for your Business? Is Facebook[…] Read More →

Pinterest Social Media Marketing

Pinterest Social Media Marketing is just as important as other more commonly used Platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. It is a key part of Marketing your business, one that is unique in user experience and messaging. Pinterest Posts link directly to your Website and play an important role in[…] Read More →

Twitter Social Media Marketing

Twitter Social Media Marketing is a must-have format to reach your target customer. As of September 2017, Twitter had an average of 330 Million Monthly Users. Twitter is a Micro-Blogging site. People use it to share their opinions, keep up with News (entertainment, local, world, politics), and engage with other like-minded[…] Read More →

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Facebook Social Media Marketing is a vital format to use to reach your target customer. As of September 2017, Facebook had an average of 1.37 Billion Daily Users and 2.07 Billion Monthly Users. People use Facebook to stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues, and Brands they prefer. They also[…] Read More →

Instagram Social Media Marketing

Instagram Social Media Marketing is key to reaching your target customer. As of September 2017, Instagram had 800 Million users and 600 Million active users. Instagram reaches people during their busy day, also it is a platform they use daily. Gaining likes is important, but increasing follows is vital. When[…] Read More →

Digital Marketing Firm Small Business

Having a Digital Marketing Firm working for you and your Small Business is key to customer and profit growth. Brand identity and finding your target market is key, also website design and optimization are a must. Digital Marketing Firm Offers Small Business Key Solutions Helping consumers know and find your[…] Read More →

Social Media Branding

Social Media Branding will become vital in 2018. This is really true for small and large companies wanting to connect daily with consumers. This is because social websites Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus continue to expand. Therefore, more and more hours get spent on their platforms each day compared[…] Read More →

Small Business Social Media Solutions Top 5 Mistakes

Small Business Social Media Mistakes Small business Social Media solutions sound simple. With over two billion people on social media, everyone considers themselves an expert. It isn’t different from your own Social Media, is it? You’ve put up a website and added one, or two, social platforms. A Facebook page, a Twitter,[…] Read More →

Website Number One Ranking From SEO Marketing

A website number one ranking on Google matters! When looking for ways to get new traffic to business websites SEO optimization gives a great return on investment. Remember, with google its all about giving its search engine users positive experiences. Pages served up on the first page as top results need[…] Read More →

B2B SEO Marketing Strategies Targeting Desicion Makers

Solid B2B SEO Marketing Strategies make sure business owners get the most value from their website. Our consultants as well as any good SEO consultant will recommend you that over 60% of business to business decision makers use the internet to do their first research before making a buy. Also nearly 80% of[…] Read More →