B2B SEO Marketing Strategies Targeting Desicion Makers

Solid B2B SEO Marketing Strategies make sure business owners get the most value from their website. Our consultants as well as any good SEO consultant will recommend you that over 60% of business to business decision makers use the internet to do their first research before making a buy. Also nearly 80% of these folks will not even send an email or make a call before doing their due diligence with research first. Having a consultant optimizing a website with the goal of grabbing more leads from these decision makers is one of the best low-cost methods of lead generating for businesses online. But where to begin?

B2B SEO Marketing

B2B SEO Marketing

1. B2B Keyword Phrases

B2B SEO Marketing a website to the consumer is extremely competitive. On the other side of the coin though when using SEO techniques on a business-to-business marketing level there are some advantages including lack of competitors that gives business to business companies an edge. Because competition is less crowded with B2B, SEO marketing campaigns get great results in less time.

B2B SEO StrategiesOften larger business-to-business companies don’t take SEO seriously. Our Consultants often see large brand companies consistently ranking at the bottom of the second page of Google. Sure there’s decent visibility, but putting in place a consistent SEO strategy each month is what any professional consultant will recommend to drive up visibility and rankings. This further boost website online presence with each optimization effort.

So what are the best keyword phrases to target for a B2B SEO Marketing campaign if not working with Search Engine Optimization consultant who does detailed keyword research? The first step for any average person is to use Google and search the phrases you want your website to rank 1st page for. This will tell you who your main competition is. Taking it a step further you can analyze the optimized keyword phrases on your competition’s websites.

B2B SEO Keyword ResearchAnother method to find great B2B SEO Marketing phrases is forming your search as a question that one of your salespeople get asked. This is good option because folks now speak into their smart-phones and are more search savvy when it comes to finding things on the web. Searching the internet is one of the first places people go when asking a question. Finally more B2B SEO marketing phrases are found at the bottom of the Google search results page (SERP). This is where Google makes search recommendations related to the current search. When optimizing a website for one of these phrases listed at the bottom of Google it’s like Google is sending free traffic once the website reaches a top ranking for that phrase.

2. B2B SEO Marketing Content Creation

B2B SEO Content Marketing When done the right way B2B SEO Marketing with freshly created content raises the trust level for potential and new buyers. Business to business decision makers are sticklers for finding a business partner who knows what they’re doing. Having a SEO strategy that includes engaging and original content is a must. If adding content and not implementing an SEO content strategy with that content, you’re really missing out on lots of new traffic, leads and business. Consider that the B2B SEO marketing tips above are just the first steps for finding the best searched phrases decision makers use when looking for your product or service. The more you understand your customers and can put that into your site the more conversions you will have over time.

3. b2b seo marketing for mobile

B2B Mobile SEO MarketingVisits from mobile devices do turn into leads as now more and more purchasing agents are opting to use their smart phones and devices at the office. Think about it, if you want some quick info at work it’s easier to pick up your phone and do a voice search compared to opening up a laptop. Another reason not to ignore B2B SEO for mobile for websites is because purchasers seeking what your company offers are getting younger all the time. Mobile devices are all the young generation uses and this is a demographic that is not ignored. I think we all will agree that mobile devices searching the internet is the future.

Remember with mobile that users are on their mobile devices when not at work. If a B2B website has no SEO implemented in the coding and content all those after work hours that purchasers spend on their phones get missed by your site. Another interesting mobile user fact is that users will click-through many top ranking sites to compare as opposed when using a desktop.

Best B2B SEO Marketing Strategies

As they say timing is everything and companies with a B2B SEO Marketing strategy are grabbing all the early traffic and enjoying new leads due to lack of competition. Don’t let all that great content being added to your website go to waste. Make sure your website and mobile site gets optimized for B2B searches related to your industry. One thing that’s for sure is that some of your competition already has a strong B2B SEO Marketing campaign running.

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