Website Number One Ranking From SEO Marketing

A website number one ranking on Google matters! When looking for ways to get new traffic to business websites SEO optimization gives a great return on investment. Remember, with google its all about giving its search engine users positive experiences. Pages served up on the first page as top results need[…] Read More →

B2B SEO Marketing Strategies Targeting Desicion Makers

Solid B2B SEO Marketing Strategies make sure business owners get the most value from their website. Our consultants as well as any good SEO consultant will recommend you that over 60% of business to business decision makers use the internet to do their first research before making a buy. Also nearly 80% of[…] Read More →

Mobile Website Designs Targeted With New Google Update

For business owners with optimized mobile website designs Google gave them a nice boost in the natural search results this week. The added increases in rankings and visibility was the result of Google’s May 2016 mobile friendly search algorithm update. Two months back Google said that is was coming sometime in May[…] Read More →

Bad SEO Marketing Techniques

Here’s a best of bad SEO marketing techniques that will send sites nose diving in the rankings. Methods of search engine optimization vary by firm but all agree these 5 optimization mistakes will do more harm than good. Everything from duplicate content, keyword stuffing, cloaking, bad links and slow loading websites are[…] Read More →

Search Engine Optimization Basics

Here’s some search engine optimization basics that’ll drive more traffic through websites and boost rankings. Our Long Beach team share the same thoughts of many a SEO consultant or web designer and that’s do it right the first time. With a constant eye on making sure the search engines find, understand and place[…] Read More →

Choosing Best Keywords For Small Business Websites

When choosing best keywords to target for a company website it’s important to note that this is the first vital step of SEO. Optimizing a site for the best keywords will convert leads and increase sales when done right. Finding the most used keywords on a businesses website is where it all starts. Our Long Beach optimizer likes to say[…] Read More →

SEO Strategies 2016

In 2016 the amount of SEO strategies is staggering. From 1001 ways to get back links to a million ways to increase rankings on the search engines. The problem is which information is correct and which is long outdated. Lots of old tips that you find on the web will hurt your[…] Read More →

Social Media SEO

Social Media SEO is vital when bumping up the amount of new visitors to your website. Optimizing your website is one thing but having your Facebook and Twitter postings properly optimized is a whole other beast that can’t be ignored. When done properly optimizing your social media postings for your[…] Read More →