Facebook Social Media Marketing

Facebook Social Media Marketing is a vital format to use to reach your target customer. As of September 2017, Facebook had an average of 1.37 Billion Daily Users and 2.07 Billion Monthly Users. People use Facebook to stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues, and Brands they prefer. They also use the platform to stay informed with News and Events, and join communities of people with similar viewpoints and likes. Facebook has become a Society itself, and having your Company part of a Users daily interactions is imperative. It is a mainline to reach current and potential customers, to communicate with them more directly than any other form of advertisement, and to gauge opinion on your product and Brand.

Facebook Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Like with Instagram, gaining likes to your Business page and posts is important, but gaining followers and engaging with Users, whether with comments or shares, is vital. When someone engages with your Brand you become part of their Daily Feed, and thus part of their Daily Lives. When they are ready to buy you will be who comes to mind. We are here to help you with Facebook Social Media Marketing for Your Business.

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Facebook – Daily

  1. Facebook has the largest number of users in all of Social Media. Over 90% of marketers are now on Facebook. Not being a part of it would be like taking your business out of the running. Most businesses say Facebook is one of their Top effective advertising channels. We don’t want you to miss out on that.
  2. Facebook has the largest % of Social Sharing. Meaning, that above all other Social Media Platforms you have to choose from it is Facebook where you will have more peer referrals and more Social Media sharing. When someone shares your Ad or Message it is a recommendation to all of their friends and family. That is powerful Social “word-of-mouth”.
  3. There are over 40 million Small Businesses currently active on Facebook. Consumers expect to find businesses on a minimum of 3 Social Media Sites, Facebook being the overall #1. Your Brand as part of this Social Community is key. You do not want consumers to Search for you on Facebook and a) not find you, and b) not find you active. We can help build your Facebook Business Page and Keep you Active on a Daily Basis.
  4. Facebook Ads. In comparison to other “Traditional” forms of advertising, such as TV, Radio, and Print, creating and running a Facebook campaign is much less expensive. And it is 1,000 x more targeted to Your Potential Customer. Don’t worry if you aren’t a writer or graphic artist. That’s what we are here for. We will make Facebook Ads a part of a Social Media package with Ace Mod.
  5. Reach Your Target Audience. Sure, there are 1.37 Billion Daily Users, but You do not want all of these Users liking and following your Business. You want only the Users who have the strongest potential of becoming Your Customers. They are out there, on Facebook, and we will help you find them and get them liking and following your Business.
Facebook Social Media Marketing Management

Ace Mod is Here to Help You and Your Business on Facebook

We want your business on all Social Media Networks. Facebook Social Media Marketing is vital to your Business and Brand. That said, we want your Business on Facebook as a priority – starting Today, and every day following. Daily Postings are vital, as well as regular management of your Facebook, and the design and management of Your Facebook Ads. We are here to help. We are Facebook experts!

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