Mobile Website Designs Targeted With New Google Update

For business owners with optimized mobile website designs Google gave them a nice boost in the natural search results this week. The added increases in rankings and visibility was the result of Google’s May 2016 mobile friendly search algorithm update. Two months back Google said that is was coming sometime in May and with no doubt the roll out and its effects were felt this past week.

Businesses with smart-phone and tablet friendly designed sites have no need to worry. This change will not hurt current rankings. With that said if a site is not properly optimized for smart devices due to no solid SEO practices rankings are still not what they could be. This is of course compared to websites with proper SEO optimization.

Mobile Website Designs Long Beach CA

Mobile Website Designs

  • Rank Higher On Mobile Searches
  • Give a Better User Experience
  • Look Better On Smart-Phones
  • Provide Better Conversion Rates

The Google mobile website algorithm update is not a site wide roll out. Indexing is happening one page at a time and by the first week of June most sites will be fully indexed. Some results may take a few days to show but sites we have optimize and manage all are up in natural search rankings. Even though Google heads say no other changes took place that’s not what we are seeing. Metrics have been going nuts the last few weeks here at the Ace Mod headquarters in Long Beach.

Mobile Website SEO Long Beach

With all this being for a website designed for smart phones and tablets this update still does not mean rankings will suffer. Of course were talking about non mobile friendly sites that have great content. Content is and for the most part always will be king with Google mobile friendly site or not. A good user experience with low bounce rates due to great and engaging content will still keep a site ranking well. Need to learn more about mobile website designs and SEO contact Ace Mod Media in Long Beach.

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