Search Engine Optimization Basics

Here’s some search engine optimization basics that’ll drive more traffic through websites and boost rankings. Our Long Beach team share the same thoughts of many a SEO consultant or web designer and that’s do it right the first time. With a constant eye on making sure the search engines find, understand and place a site in front of the right eyes there’s certain SEO basics that will boost sites above and beyond the competition. From finding the right search phrases to making sure optimized pages are in place these steps are the best way to start on the right foot when it comes to optimizing a website. If in the first stages of design having an on-site blog connected to social media pages will further increase web presence. Other SEO tips like a clear call to action and a mobile website design will help increase conversions even more.

Search Engine Optimization Basics Long Beach CA

Overall there’s more than 200 different ranking factors and in this post our Long Beach SEO’s share some os the most important basics.

Best Search Engine Optimization Basics

  • Keyword research
  • On-site optimization
  • Optimized Content
  • Social Media local SEO
  • Website Blogging
  • Call to action
  • Content Management SEO
  • Mobile web design

Search Engine Optimization Keywords
Search engine optimization basics start with keyword research. Knowing what customers are searching for is a must and helps business owners learn how folks are searching for what a company offers. This should always be a SEO marketing first step.

On-Site SEO Optimization
When optimizing the pages of a website it’s called on-site optimization. This is where back-end meta title, description, image and heading tags get optimized to show the relevant page content. If the code is not optimized rankings will suffer.

Optimized Relevant Content
Having content optimized that pertains to a sites services is the best way for search spiders to know more about a site. If a company does office cleaning in Long Beach then the site should mention Long Beach. There can never be enough original content on a site for better SEO.

Social Media Local SEO
Social pages like Google plus can give big bumps in visits to a site via local search results. This is because when signed in to Google plus and doing searches the searcher’s results will include Google+ pages on the 1st page results. In 2016 marketing social media pages is vital to keep new traffic coming in.

On-Site Blogging
Search engine optimization basics like on-site blogging is a great way to get new traffic, boost site content and help improve a sites inner link structure. Our web designers use a strategy of integrating blogs into websites that sync and share content across a company’s social media pages. Take it from our Long Beach SEO experts… BLOG = Better Listings On Google!

Mobile SEO Optimization

If a website does not have a mobile version in todays smart-phone world then lots of traffic will go to a competitor’s mobile friendly site. This is because Google knows if a site can easily be displayed on mobile phones and tablets. If a site is not mobile friendly website design that site will not rank as high in searches. In fact Google has its own separate search engine for mobile devices. Over 50% of all searches on Google are from mobile devices.

The above are just a few of the search engine optimization basics to help a website do better in natural search results. SEO is an art and a science and it’s always best to speak with a consultant before doing any work. Contact Ace Mod Media in Long Beach for to learn more about our SEO optimization services.

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