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SEO packages that give websites better online visibility and rankings. Our team has been at this for a long time boosting sites to the top of the search engine result pages (SERPS). The approach we take with online marketing services is from years of experience optimizing hundreds of websites. Our ability also cuts time with no figuring it out phase. This means quick ranking results with a more affordable SEO package.

SEO Packages Local NationalFrom start to end we also make sure all bases get covered the 1st time through. When you have a team with a decade of internet marketing expertise that means our consultants and SEO experts have tried and tested methods.


We also have less expensive SEO packages that give the same results as larger SEO firms who charge more. We’re a boutique SEO firm that’s selective about the projects we take on. Our consultants work closely with site owners creating an SEO strategy that’s the best fit for a company’s online marketing goals. We do all we can when making sure sites rise in ranks and stay there for a more solid

Long Beach SEO Packages

Entry Level SEO Package

Ace Mod entry-level SEO packages are great for websites that are 10 pages or also less. Affordable SEO marketing service for smaller local businesses with limited budgets. This package also optimizes up to 10 pages with meta titles and descriptions plus heading and Image tag optimization. Also included each month is 300 or more words of SEO optimized content. Monthly ranking report and 30 minutes consultation included when signed up for SEO month to month services.

  • Website Analysis
  • 10 Pages Optimization (Meta Title, Description, Heading, Image Tags)
  • New Optimized Content Creation (300+ Words)
  • 30 Minutes SEO Consultation
  • Monthly Detailed Ranking Report

Mid Level SEO + Social Media Posting

A more aggressive package to get more leads by also creating weekly blog postings, social media posts along and new content each month. This package optimizes up to 15 pages with meta titles descriptions plus heading and image optimization also included. This gives websites higher rankings that last longer. Also included is competition website analysis with weekly ranking comparisons. Gain more knowledge with 30 minutes of SEO consultations monthly.

  • Website Analysis
  • 15 Pages Optimization (1st Month)
  • New Optimized Content Creation (300+ Words)
  • Weekly Blog Post (300+ words)
  • Blog Posting Social Sharing
  • 1x Daily Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Postings (Free Set-up)
  • 30 Minutes SEO Consultation
  • Weekly Ranking Reports W/ Competition Rankings
  • Daily Social Media and blog postings included for three months

Top Level SEO Package + Social Media Posting

SEO package for larger businesses sites to boost traffic and rankings. Optimizes up to 20 pages of meta title, description, heading and image tags. New content (Approx. 2000 words) also added via blog postings and new page creations. Blogs also get shared to social media boosting links back to the website. This package also gives great Google, Bing and Yahoo visibility rates over the course of a few months. The Website achieves many top 10 search results naturally for relevant keywords. Great SEO package for business owners who need an expert optimizer, content writer, social media manager and SEO consultant far less than a person hired in-house.

  • Website Analysis
  • Competition Website Analysis
  • 20 Pages Optimization (1st Month)
  • 2 New Optimized Pages Created (600+ Words)
  • Weekly Blog Posts (300+ words)
  • Content and Blog Post Inner Linking
  • Blog Post Social Sharing
  • Complete Social Media Set Up also Brand Management
  • 2x Daily Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr Postings
  • Multiple Daily Twitter Pinterest Posts
  • 60 Minutes SEO Consultation
  • Weekly Ranking Reports W/ Competition Rankings
  • Daily Social Media and blog postings included for three months

Ace Mod SEO packages do one thing and that is making sure websites get optimized and socially marketed for what a company is relevant for. Learn more how we can also help push a site up on Google and  all social media platforms and keep it there. Call our Long Beach office for a free first consultation and pricing info.

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