Small Business Social Media Solutions Top 5 Mistakes

Small Business Social Media Mistakes

Small business Social Media solutions sound simple. With over two billion people on social media, everyone considers themselves an expert. It isn’t different from your own Social Media, is it? You’ve put up a website and added one, or two, social platforms. A Facebook page, a Twitter, maybe even an Instagram. Now your business’ website has those “must-have” logos, and there’s even a few pictures and descriptions on each one. Easy. Now you can go back to the day-to-day of running your business, and leave your Social Media alone.

That right there is a common mistake small businesses make with their Social Media due to thinking that set-up is it. But that’s not the only issue. Social Media marketing for any size company is much different from how a personal Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest works. Social Media for small business requires seamless branding intent, daily management, strategic posting, and targetted solutions that are unique to your product, offerings, and brand. There are many pitfalls to avoid and affordable solutions that will fit into your small businesses budget. You don’t have time to make mistakes with your brand, or lose the opportunity a click, or like, can bring to your company. Small Business Social Media Solutions can quickly become mistakes.

Here are a few mistakes Small Businesses make with their Social Media.

Top 5 Social Media Mistakes

  1. Set it and Forget It – You know you need Social Media. You set-up it all up and add some content, and then forget about it. There it is, out there and looking good. You may even be a few followers. But, unless you are regularly posting, and adding fresh content, followers will forget you, and as a result, you won’t get new ones.
  2. No Social Media Strategy – Social Media is more than just having a Facebook and Instagram or a Twitter for your company. It is also more than catchy taglines and pretty pictures for people to scroll by. You must follow a schedule, consider your target customer every time, as well as use a proven strategy for what’s posted.
  3. Branding does not match your Business – Every business, no matter how small, has a brand, furthermore, Social Media is part of your brand. Every person that sees your postings must recognize your business. Brand familiarity is key because customers want to engage and do business with who they know.
  4. No new content – Fresh and frequent is vital. Daily isn’t enough. First of all, Facebook and Instagram need two to three posts a day. Secondly, Twitter and Snapchat need five to seven engagements, and sites like Tumblr and Pinterest need even more. Also, the number of followers determines how many times you post.
  5. Forgetting the human element – Everything you post and say on Social Media goes out to a real person, people will hopefully become your customers. Their engagement with your Business in Social Media impacts your reputation and customer service. Small Business Social Media is customer service.

Does that all seem overwhelming?

Small Business Social Media Solutions Affordable Ace Mod Media

These are not the only Social Media mistakes companies make. They are just the most common. As you can see, running successful Social Media is time-consuming, and can feel overwhelming. Your Small Business needs unique solutions, also affordable strategies. Small Business Social Media Solutions are tailor-made just for you. We are here with the best solutions and strategies for you. Contact Ace Mod Media for a free consultation today.Small Business Social Media Solutions Buttons


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