Social Media SEO

Social Media OptimizationSocial Media SEO is vital when bumping up the amount of new visitors to your website. Optimizing your website is one thing but having your Facebook and Twitter postings properly optimized is a whole other beast that can’t be ignored. When done properly optimizing your social media postings for your business can boost traffic up 25%. That increase in traffic also comes with an increase in website rankings when adhering to certain Social Media SEO best practices. Natural rankings that increase from this strategy will remain stable in their new higher ranking positions. Additional daily and weekly postings on your business’s social media pages not only help to keep increasing your websites visibility on the search engines, but also extend your reach when connecting with new people on also your social media pages. SEO has come along way from a decade ago and continues to play a vital role in driving new business and leads to small and large companies worldwide. Having a Search Engine Optimized website and social media page is now common in today’s business atmosphere. If your company does not have a website synced to your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn your missing out on lots of traffic to your website. You’re business is also losing out on lots of potential new business. Social Media search engine optimization strategies are now an important part of marketing a small business website. Integrating your Social Media pages into your company’s website is one way to bring all your company has to offer online in one place.

Social Media SEO Strengths

  • Attract new visitors to company website
  • Social media content easily shared
  • Connect with your target audience
  • More visibility in search results
  • Naturally builds links to your website
  • Reduce marketing expenses

Who Needs Social Media SEO Marketing?

When marketing your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest business’ large and small will benefit. As time goes on all new people following and liking your social pages can be marketed to with little to no cost. All new visitors to your company website will tell the search engines that your social pages and company website is an authority resource in our industry. Whether your sharing specific targeted pages of your website to Facebook and Twitter followers or uploading original videos to YouTube, Social Media SEO when done right will give you the online boost your business needs. These few factors just scratch the surface of what a properly set-up Social Media SEO marketing can do to increase your visibility online

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