Website Number One Ranking From SEO Marketing

A website number one ranking on Google matters! When looking for ways to get new traffic to business websites SEO optimization gives a great return on investment. Remember, with google its all about giving its search engine users positive experiences. Pages served up on the first page as top results need to answer questions users are searching for. Google’s algorithm has improved so much that un optimized sites miss lots of organic traffic opportunities. Relevant sites that are not optimized may as well be an online business card. This is why a number one google ranking is vital for providing a constant stream of qualified targeted traffic that continues long after the SEO marketing process.

Website SEO Marketing Long Beach CA

A joke our Long Beach Ace Mod SEO Marketing Advisers like to say: Where’s the best place to hide a dead body? On the 2nd page of google of course! That’s because nobody ever looks there. In fact, users will re-phrase their search term as opposed to going pages deep looking for a relevant result.

Website Numbe One Ranking SEO Marketing

With a number one ranking comes user trust where paid results do not. Trust that Google will bring to the top of search results the most relevant websites. When sites are not in the organic top three there’s a huge loss of traffic for that user searched phrase. The drop off in visits from a number one ranking to number two is quite large. In a nutshell when a site is number one on Google nearly 4 out of 10 people will visit that site. Drop off to the 2nd page and it’s a no mans land with just under 2% of the clicks going to 2nd page natural results.

Website Number One Ranking

Website Number One Ranking Benefits

  • New Business Opportunities
  • Increases Site Traffic
  • Raises Brand Awareness
  • Reduce PPC spending
  • Better Return On Investment

With a Google number one ranking for relevant keyword phrases comes a stream of new customers to a company’s website. With the new traffic expect to see 35% to 40% of searches going to the top naturally ranked website. That’s lots of traffic for just one ranking keyword phrase! Another great advantage of sites that sit at the top of the results is raising brand awareness. Imagine searching for a service and with each search the same website shows up on the 1st page. When it’s buying time the potential customer will have seen this websites web address multiple times. Now that’s branding worth paying for!

Benefits of Website Optimization

SEO results keep delivering where PPC campaigns will stop delivering when budgets gets used up. Why is this? Because after a site has been properly optimized traffic continues to flow after the finished site optimization. This is because the site is relevant and optimized for its targeted keyword phrases. Properly optimized content is a big deal with Google so don’t forget that. That means a better ROI with each website number one ranking. Having a solid month to month SEO internet marketing campaign in place or working with a consultant will make sure those rankings stay at the top and new phrases continue to boost upwards.

Need help getting a website to the top of Google? Our Long Beach based SEO consultants and internet marketing experts know search engines and how to get results. Contact our firm today and speak to a professional SEO consultant to know more about boosting websites to Google 1st page.


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